What can $2,500 do for your business?

Pollard’s Lawncare is the dream of James Pollard. He launched in early 2007 and soon had over 30 commercial and residential customers. With an expanding customer base, he needed to upgrade to industrial equipment and hire extra help. So, Mr. Pollard visited the Small Business Assistance Corporation(SBAC). He reviewed several options with one of the Loan Officers and selected the Small Steps to Success loan program as the best fit for his small business need.

Pollard’s Lawncare received a $2,500 Small Steps to Success loan. With the acquisition of the new equipment, “I am able to bid on the larger jobs and create a job for someone who needed a second chance,” stated Mr. Pollard.

“I encourage an entrepreneur who is trying to expand their business to apply,” Mr. Pollard continues, after admitting he hesitated to apply after his first visit to the SBAC.

Debra Simmons, SBAC’s Community Development Loan Officer, explains, “The Small Steps to Success Loan Program offers financing to entrepreneurs who cannot access the traditional forms of commercial financing for their business. The idea is to fund business projects in incremental steps enabling borrowers to acquire successively larger loans based upon need and repayment record. For example, in Step One a client may receive up to $2,500 for a term of one year. However, by Step Four the maximum loan amount has increased to up to $15,000 for a term of sixty(60) months.” Loans can be made for a variety of business purposes: from product testing to startup to business expansion.

Small businesses in the service industry are well-suited because of their traditionally low overhead burdens. Entrepreneurs with little collateral and credit history issues are also good candidates since the program establishes management capability and a repayment track record for the business.