Loan got Jazz’d Tapas going

Swank, sexy and sophisticated industrial chic, Jazz’d Tapas remains one of the hot
spots in nightlife and dining in downtown Savannah. It seems like they’ve always
been downstairs serving us great food, memorable martinis and the varied live
music acts to round off the perfect evening. However, just 8 years ago Savannah-
ians had never experienced an evening at Jazz’d.

jazzd-tapas-barIn 2002, Brian & Julie Curry had reached in an impasse. They found the location,
had the business plan, but needed the working capital to launch. Their banker,
Walter Bowden, advised them to visit the SBAC. He believed they would be able
to put the pieces together and get this ambitious couple open for business. Brian
said, “Walter was a different banker. We were not the best looking prospects on
paper, but he had this unshakable belief in me as a customer and businessman.”
Walter Bowden was right. The team at the Small Business Assistance Corporation
in conjunction with the City of Savannah used funding from the Business Loan
Guaranty Program.

The Business Loan Guaranty Program assists Savannah businesses to obtain
financing under the City of Savannah’s CDBG Revolving Loan Fund. The Small
Business Assistance Corporation makes a business loan directly available to qualified
borrowers. Priority is given to businesses located in low to moderate income
neighborhoods, minority owned businesses and businesses that will create jobs
for low to moderate income persons. Funding is eligible for working capital, land
and building, machinery, equipment, furniture, fixture or inventory acquisition,
renovation of current facilities, or payment of accounts payables.

“Jazz’d was a new concept for Savannah. Brian and Julie had years of restaurant
management experience and were savvy entrepreneurs. We knew it would be a
business to benefit the City of Savannah for years,” stated Stephen George, Vice
President of the SBAC.

Brian makes it clear that being a restaurant owner is “24/7 and rarely if ever the
glamour people might think it is. “This is your lifestyle. I am owner, maintenance
man, counselor and more. I know to the penny how much we make from
every dollar. I have to know. Just a 1% change in a few areas can make all the