17Hundred90-Ghostly Glory Restored

Savannah-ians love a good story. Ghost, love, drama, thriller – we adore the intrigue, the fear, the sweet moments and good amount of southern sap thrown in to hold it all together.

17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant has it all. A love story, a ghost story, an intrigue and most recently a story of restoration and renewal.1790-exterior

Patrick Godley’s journey began two years ago as the manager of 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant. He came to work daily seeing so much untapped potential in the oldest inn in Savannah. “There were so many opportunities missed because of loss of passion,” said Patrick. “You have to be a passionate person and love your business. I love 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant. It’s exciting to be at work every day.”

Patrick heard the owners were considering ‘getting out of the business’. “The banks were iron-fisted; the economy was tight. We’d heard of the Small Business Assistance Corporation and applied for a loan to purchase the real estate (buildings & land). Wendy Jeffers at the SBAC worked with us and The Heritage Bank on an SBA 504 loan.” This loan program allows for the purchase of real estate, construction & renovation, machinery & equipment and recently, through the passage of the ‘Jobs Bill’, a refinancing option was expanded (see www.sbacsav.com for qualification details).

It wasn’t long before the Godley’s were the new owners of 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant. They knew shutting the entire operations and renovating was not a wise option, so Patrick and his father Nathan began strategic 1790-roomrenovations. Six new, energy efficient HVAC units were added; bathrooms updated over the course of several weekends. Moving room-to-room, the inn is coming to life. As with any renovation of a historical building, there are surprises to find, such as a previous covered over linen closet complete with door under one of the staircases.

The inn isn’t the only place seeing a ‘fresh coat of paint.’ The restaurant and bar have undergone changes as well – new menus and a renewed commitment to fresh, high quality food. And in the bar, new events like the Christmas Party, Tosh Tuesdays and a Girls Night Out have a new, younger crowd of regulars haunting the bar stools.

And for the readers still wondering about the paranormal activity at 17Hundred90? Well, Anna Powers is still seen and heard from regularly. In fact, her activities will be showcased on A&E’s “Paranormal State” in May 2011. So what are you waiting for – take a staycation; go out for dinner & drinks…be a part of Savannah’s favorite space to haunt for over 200 years.