Upchurch Therapy and Wellness, PC


P.O. BOX 3743
(912) 598-8557 / (912) 220-9569

April Upchurch started Upchurch Therapy & Wellness, PC in 1999 in order to provide physical therapy services in the fitness club of one of the premier golf clubs and communities in Savannah – The Landings Club. April succeeded in opening her business and becoming established as a provider of physical therapy services. April’s success at The Landings Club has led to other golf communities seeking her business services for their patrons.

April, excited about the possibility of opening satellite locations in other golf communities, contacted her bank, BB&T, and the local SCORE chapter to begin the process of expanding her business. Through SCORE, April prepared an expansion plan and projections for the existing operation and the satellite office. BB&T referred April to SBAC for packaging of the loan request for SBA.

April worked with SBAC and BB&T to get the Low Doc loan packaged and submitted to SBA. The loan was approved and funded by the bank. April has taken on a partner – Hollye McAdams – to assist in providing the physical therapy services to The Landings Club members as well as the new members of other golf communities. The ability to expand the business has given April the room to spread her wings and begin flying.

Watch for Upchurch Therapy & Wellness in the golf communities around Savannah – at the rate she’s going, April will be providing physical therapy services at all of them (and Florida and South Carolina, too!) in no time!