Twin Lakes Car Wash


Peter and Kassandra Keller have been marketing executives since graduating from college. Peter worked for a car wash supply company selling automotive washing supplies and Kassandra was a Pharmaceutical marketing executive. After graduating from college they moved to Florida. During their down time they would travel to the Lake Oconee/Lake Sinclair area to relax. After spending the past year searching for the right opportunity, the Keller’s found a car wash and lube center facility currently under construction and up for sale. The seller is a long time customer of Mr. Keller’s, having purchased car wash chemicals and equipment from Mr. Keller for years. In a casual conversation with the seller Mr. Keller mentioned he and his wife’s search for a business opportunity and the seller mentioned the new facility currently under construction. The location is excellent, right in front of a new Super Wal-Mart at the busiest intersection of Eatonton and the Reynolds Plantation. The seller constructed the facility with the intent of selling it as he is 70 years old and wants to divest himself of the work he currently has to do.

They were referred to SBAC by Joey McQuaig, a business broker who has used SBA loan products in the past. With the assistance of Peoples Bank of Eatonton, the Keller’s used the SBA 504 loan program to acquire the real estate. Kassandra Keller has continued to work for a Pharmaceutical Company. The Keller’s sold there house in Florida and moved to the Twin lakes area. Kassandra has discovered that the commute to the Atlanta airport is not that bad from Eatonton. Peter now stays home with the dogs and runs the car wash. They leased the lube center to an operator who had his business in another location in town. Peter has arranged for remote sales of car washes from several convenience stores that surround the Wal Mart Plaza.

In their new life in Georgia, both Peter and Kassandra have found the pace in the Lakes Region slower and certainly more relaxing. Peter says it’s like being on vacation everyday. Kassandra may disagree, having to continue on working on the road but states that within a year or two she foresees cutting back on her road trips and spending more time in Eatonton. From the activity observed around the car wash and lube center she may be right.