Systems Connect, INC.

Chuck St.Arnaud
802 East 69th Street
Savannah, GA 31405
(912) 356-9920
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Chuck St.Arnaud has been at the helm of Systems Connect since it started in 1995 as a Bulletin Board service on the Internet. The business grew at a tremendous rate and became an Internet Service Provider for individuals and businesses in Savannah and the surrounding areas. Systems Connect designs websites, provides state of the art computer equipment and Internet Fiber Networks for businesses all across the nation as well as its local market – high technology from a Savannah small business.

When Chuck started the business, he did not anticipate the rapid growth that would occur as technology changed at a rapid rate. He strived to keep Systems Connect at the top of the peak in advances so as to provide the best service in town. Chuck succeeded beyond his expectations, but also needed working capital to fund the continued growth.

Chuck began working with his bank to obtain an SBA loan for financing to fund the growth of his business. Darby Bank brought SBAC in to package the SBA 7(a) request, and the rest, as they say, is history. Chuck was approved for the loan and Darby funded it shortly thereafter.

Not too long after that, Chuck and Systems Connect were name Small Business of the Year by the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce. Fitting recognition for Chuck’s commitment to the business and his company’s commitment to its mission and goals.

If you are computer savvy and want to see how an Internet Service Provider works, stop by and see Chuck – he’s got a great website!