SuperGoose Sports


SuperGoose Sports
Greg Eng
Rob Lanoue
3700 Wallin Street
Savannah, GA 31404
(912) 443-9490

Supergoose Sports started out in 1997 as a “pick up” inline hockey league out at Lake Mayer on the Southside of Savannah. The league consisted mainly of youths with some adult teams competing in the evenings. Mr. Greg Eng transformed the concept of a “pick up” league into an organized sport for youths and adults that had not only practice, but competition at the Lake Mayer location. As the youth league grew, so did the adult league, including many of the fathers of the youth leaguers. Two of those adult members are Mr. Tim Smith and Mr. Rob Lanoue.

As the leagues began to grow, Greg, Tim and Rob began discussing the possibility of finding a permanent, indoor home for the youth and adult leagues. If they could find an indoor facility, members and spectators would be spared the both inclement weather and bugs at the outdoor facility. In addition, the facility could be available for other sports like soccer and lacrosse. The idea of an indoor facility that would be year round had strong support in the leagues as well as the community.

Greg, Tim and Rob found a facility that would serve their purpose – an old indoor skating rink. With that in place, they began putting together their business plan and working with local lenders. They contacted SBAC to obtain financing through the SBA 504 loan program. SBAC put them in touch with The Coastal Bank that approved and funded the bank portion of a 504 loan.

The facility was completed in 2002 and is open for indoor hockey, soccer and lacrosse leagues. Supergoose Sports has hosted several hockey tournaments and has proven itself to be a premier venue for regional as well as national competitions.

Stop by Supergoose Sports to see how inline hockey, soccer and lacrosse are played indoors. Greg, Tim and Rob will be proud to show off the facility. Take my word for it, it beats sitting in the rain cheering a team on. Not to mention, those Savannah sand gnats can’t get you when you’re inside!