Stewart’s Fishing Charter


1 HWY 80
(912) 656-1868

It’s a fishy job but someone has to do it. That someone is Captain John Brad Stewart, the owner of Stewart’s Fishing Charter. Stewart’s Fishing Charter is a recreational fishing company that carries up to four individuals on an enjoyable fishing trip off the Tybee Island Shore. He offers four and six hour trips for inshore and offshore fishing. For the inshore fish lovers, Captain Stewart will take you about five miles from the dock where you can fish for redfish, trout, flounder, sheephead, whiting and sharks. His offshore excursions take you about 6-18 miles off the beach in 56 – 60 feet of water. Here individuals fish for mackerel, bluefish, jacks, cobia, sea bass, whiting, sharks and other ocean species.

Captain Stewart graduated from Georgia Southern University with a biology degree in Marine Ecology. He immediately hit the waters as an employee for Amick’s Deep Sea Fishing. From there, he gained over 14 years of professional experience with inshore and offshore fishing charters and has acquired over 1,000 USCG days as a deckhand/mate and over 400 days as the captain of a vessel. Since receiving his captain’s license in September 2005, he has retained the position of captain aboard all inshore and offshore charter with four or less people.

Becoming a sea captain is no small task. Captain Stewart had to navigate for 100 hours in Sea School; he had to perform 765 days on the water since the age of 15. Within three years, he had to spend at least 90 of the 765 days sailing on the ocean. Finally, he had to pass a 10 hour Coast Guard Standard Test. Every five years, he has to reapply to maintain his license. This requires him to spend 180 eight hour days on the water within a five year period.

These trips are ideal for the entire family, father/son, male friends, mother/daughter or female friends. Yes women you will enjoy these trips because Captain Stewart will take you to the spot to catch the fish of your choice. But he also does all of the dirty work; he baits the hooks and cleans and bags the fish for you. So women, you can take a relaxing fishing trip, have very limited contact with the fish while, at the same time, impressing your significant other by bring home cleaned, bagged fish-fresh from the ocean.

Whether you are an expert fisherman or just want a peaceful day on the water catching your favorite sea creatures, give Captain Stewart a call. He loves the water, has passion for what he does, and is loaded with experience. He is the only full time inshore captain on Tybee Island and schedule trips from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. He can be reached at (912) 656-1868 or (912)897-6759. Also feel free to visit their website at

Captain Stewart received two MicroLoans from SBAC to purchase his boat and to replace the boat’s motor.