Scandalous Beauty Salon

scandalous-beauty-72dpiScandalous Beauty Salon
Priscilla Dickerson, Owner & Operator
1407 Waters Avenue, Savannah
(912) 631-1519

Priscilla Dickerson, owner and operator of Scandalous Beauty Salon, did the opposite of most cosmetology majors; she graduated with her barber license first and then later graduated from Savannah Tech’s Cosmetology Program in 1983.      

Most cosmologists find creativity as one of their greatest assets.  Priscilla is no exception.   One may ask what does a guitar; a skate and a snake have to do with haircare and design.  Priscilla used those items to accentuate her creative styling skills. In 2008, she won first place in the Fantasy Hair Show using a guitar as her backdrop. In 2005 and 2007, she placed second using a snake and a skate, respectively. 

Now a master barber and stylist, she attributes her creative flair and skills to watching her aunt do hair when she was young. 

Scandalous Beauty Salon offers a wide range of services which include relaxers, wash and sets, weaving and braiding.

Priscilla used the Small Steps to Success loan program to relocate her business.