17hundred90 Inn & Restaurant

This month we’re profiling 17Hundred90, a legendary Inn and restaurant here in Savannah. Located in the heart of the Historic District,17Hundred90 gives locals and tourists alike an authentic taste of history.
A few years ago the Godleys decided to purchase and renovate the property utilizing the SBA 504 loan program. SBAC and Heritage Bank handled the loan, and the family did the heavy lifting; literally. The owners did much of the renovation work themselves.
Fun Fact— Named for the year of its inception, 1790 is Savannah’s oldest Inn and has been called one of the most haunted buildings in America.
Before we call the ghost busters, we have to marvel at the beauty and amazing story that has attracted visitors and even celebrities for centuries.
Not only does 17Hundred90 encompass a rich history in its own right, the building is a destination for many looking to make their own. Home to many proposals and first dates, 17Hundred90 will remain a fixture in the hearts and minds of the masses that chose to make it part of their journey.