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Arnaldo Torres
2805-B Limerick Street
Savannah, GA 31419
(912) 303-9474
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Arnaldo Torres had spent nearly twenty-five years in the restaurant equipment sales industry, but always maintained his dream of owning his own business. After working the Savannah territory for several years as a representative for an Atlanta company, Mr. Torres knew the time was right to open his business.

After spending many hours with the Small Business Development Center preparing a business plan, Mr. Torres approached the Small Business Assistance Corporation for financial assistance. The SBAC introduced Mr. Torres to a local bank that was a member of the Savannah Regional Small Business Capital Fund. The Capital Fund is a bank consortium formed to help small businesses in the Savannah Area that need help acquiring funds. The bank loaned Mr. Torres part of the request and the Capital Fund provided the money for the remainder of the project.

The assistance provided by the Small Business Development Center, the Small Business Assistance Corporation, the Bank and the Savannah Regional Small Business Capital fund combined to move Mr. Torres’s dream into a reality.