Redd’s Heating and A/C Appliance Repair, INC.


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Buddy Redd has been working on A/C units since he was old enough to “turn a wrench” to work on one. Having served as the principal of his family’s business for almost 10 years, Buddy decided it was time to go out on his own and start HIS own business. Since the family business was fraying at the edges with the death of Buddy’s father, the time was ripe for Buddy to venture into the world of entrepreneurialism.

Buddy was given the opportunity to purchase the building where he located his business – conveniently, as the building was owned by his mother. Buddy and his mother negotiated a fair purchase price for the building (substantiated by an independent appraisal), and Buddy was on his way to being not only an entrepreneur, but one who owned land for his new independent business venture. The acquisition of the building, where the business was already operating, was essential to the longevity and ultimate success of Buddy’s business. In a nutshell, if someone else bought the building from Buddy’s mother, there would be no guarantee that Buddy would be allowed to maintain his operation from that location.

Having been through the SBA process when his family owned an operated their business, Buddy turned to SBAC to seek assistance in preparing and then obtaining an SBA 7(a) loan. SBAC worked with Buddy to place the request and ultimately found Sunbelt Commercial Capital – which was able to provide the needed financing. Sunbelt, as a PLP SBA lender, was able to approve Buddy’s request rapidly and allow Buddy to become a small business owner/operator who owns the commercial real estate where his business operates. The SBA loan was closed at the beginning of 2003 and Buddy started the new year off with a head start.

If you own a building in Savannah – whether it is residential or commercial – and find that there is A/C work that needs to be done, call Buddy Redd. He will bring with him not only his knowledge and expertise of heating and A/C repair, but also the sincerity of a repairman that is seldom found, let alone seen, nowadays.