Plantation Carriage Company

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Taylor Watts began to envision Plantation Carriage Company – horses with red ribbons and plumage, drivers in the uniform of a genteel Southern plantation owner – long before the company offered its first tour of Savannah in April 2000.

For thirteen years, Taylor Watts worked for Old South Carriage Company in Charleston, SC. Taylor worked his way up in the company from a barn hand mucking out stalls on a daily basis to being the Manager and appointing people to muck stalls. Through this progression “up the ladder,” Taylor was exposed to every aspect of the horse drawn carriage business and industry.

In his capacity as Manager of Old South Carriage Company, Taylor recognized an opportunity for the business to expand into the Savannah area. The owner of the business was content to serve the Charleston marketplace and opted not to expand the business. That was Taylor’s big opportunity.

When Taylor began working on Plantation Carriage Company in 1999, he met with a representative from the Savannah Chapter of SCORE to prepare his business plan. After meeting with Mr. Arrowsmith, Taylor then worked with the local Small Business Development Center to prepare his financial projections. After working with Ms. Vos, Taylor approached the SBAC to prepare an SBA loan application.

Since Taylor is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War, he qualified for an SBA Pre-Qualification Loan. The SBAC submitted Taylor’s request to the SBA under that program and it was approved. SBAC then assisted Taylor in finding a bank to commit to the pre-approved SBA loan. That lender turned out to be Bruce Avant with First National Bank & Trust Company of Louisville.

In April 2000, Taylor gave his first tour by HIS company in Savannah – Plantation Carriage Company. Plantation Carriage Company caters to the tourists who are walking around City Market and see the beautiful horses and carriages and decide, on the spot, to take a carriage tour around the city. Plantation Carriage Company is the only horse drawn carriage company in Savannah that does not require reservations for tours. Walk up customers are their favorite kind! If you’re walking around Savannah, keep your eyes out for the carriages being pulled by the horses with the red plumage – they truly are a sight to see.