Neal Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Center


1101 E. 51ST STREET
(912) 354-6767

Dr. John Neal, fresh from interning with the Falcons chiropractor, came to Savannah for the purpose of purchasing and existing practice of a long time Savannah physician. This dream became a reality for Dr. Neal in 1997 when he purchased an existing practice with the assistance of an SBA 7(a) loan. From these auspicious beginnings, Dr. Neal formed the Neal Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Center.

Dr. Neal’s original plan was to purchase the business, and the, over time, purchase the building. Dr. Neal envisioned a center that was open and welcoming and provided services not limited to his chiropractic practice. Since taking over the business, Dr. Neal’s dream continued to grow and take form — take a out a few walls to make rooms bigger, open the waiting area and make it more patient friendly, a new coat of paint, all things to spruce up the building. Once the building was improved, Dr. Neal would move to his next step — increasing the services available. Massage, Nutritional Counseling, Physical Rehabilitation — these are the things Dr. Neal wanted to add to his practice in order to round it out and better serve his patients. His dream became a reality in 2001.

Dr. Neal approached the SBAC for assistance in obtaining an SBA 504 loan to purchase the building he had been renting since 1997 and to make the appropriate renovations for it to fit his vision. Along with the SBA 504 loan, Dr. Neal obtained, an RLFG loan to fund the working capital needs of hiring additional staff for the new facility. Dr. Neal’s dream, once again, became a reality in the winter of 2001.

Neal Chiropractic Wellness & Rehabilitation Center is now fully operational offering a variety of services aimed at improving the overall well being of Dr. Neal’s patients. So, if you have a nagging “twinge” in YOUR lower back, make an appointment to see Dr. Neal. He promises to “straighten you out!”