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Living in a society of quick fixes and microwaving, we often lose sight of the finer things in life, such as desserts just the way mother did it. Mrs. T’s Baked Goods and Catering takes us back to the days of homemade desserts when you bite into a piece of cake and taste not only the butter, sugar, and eggs, but also the love that was poured into it as our mothers and grandmothers measured, mixed, fold, poured, baked and magically, our favorite dessert appeared. Mrs. T does not replace home, but she does “whip up” desserts that make you want to say a bad word if the smallest crumb falls to the ground.

Mrs. T’s Baked Goods and Catering is owned by Ms. Tia Thompson in Richmond Hill, GA – Bryan County. Tia is a full time employee, but her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Harold Thompson, both retired, manage the day to day operations of the business. Usually when you call, the phone is answered by Mrs. Thompson, affectionately known as Mrs. T. Ms T has cooked and baked all of her life, and was professionally trained in home economics. For 20 years, she owned a daycare in Philadelphia where she cooked for the children, as well as sold homemade baked goods as another small business.

We cannot leave Mr. T out of the picture because he also knows his way around the kitchen. On Sunday December 9, 2007, he participated in the Sixth Annual Savannah’s 100 Celebrity Men Who Cook Cook-Off at the Savannah Marriott Riverfront where approximately 100 cooks showed off their prize dishes. Under the dessert category, Mr. Thompson or as the Savannah Herald reported, Reverend George Harold Thompson Sr. won first place with his Bourbon Pecan Pie.

This family complements each other by maximizing the individual gifts which in turns strengthen the entire business. While at home, Tia oversees the entire operation which includes cooking, delivering and all duties as assigned. Ms. T spends most of her time preparing all of those luscious desserts displaying her 50 plus years of experience. Mr. T, when not in the kitchen, is networking. They are members of the Small Business Chamber, eWomen Network and other organizations that provide outreach opportunities.

There are no limits to the desserts that can be ordered from Mrs. T’s. The choices range from the famous red velvet cake to rum, chocolate carrot and even a sock-it-to-me cake all made from “scratch” in Mrs. T’s kitchen. Small Business Assistance Corporation ordered the red velvet cake and it did not hang around the office long. As a result of that order, a second order was placed by another office within one week. If you are not a cake lover, don’t despair, homemade cookies and pies including Mr. T’s award winning Bourbon Pecan Pie are also available. The Thompson’s have landed numerous catering jobs and have received positive feedback as a result of follow-up evaluations. All of these achievements were accomplished within one year, as this business opened in 2007.

Because of the high demand, Mrs. T’s is relocating from the Thompson’s home to a storefront on Edsel Street in Richmond Hill off Hwy 144 near the Ford Plaza. SBAC provided funding for one of the refrigerators that will be housed in their new facility.

Operating hours for Mrs. T’s Baked Goods and Catering are Mon – Fri 7:30am to 6:00pm. For all catering and/or dessert needs with professional service, Mrs. T’s Baked Goods and Catering is the place to call.