Lee Ohio Designs



This is a story that tells how a bank, Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Small Business Assistance Corporation came together to benefit an aspiring entrepreneur. Jennifer Hallsey, like many entrepreneurs, worked for others doing something she enjoyed and realized that she can do it for herself. She went to The Coastal Bank in downtown Savannah and discussed her desires to start her own jewelry manufacturing business bringing with her over five years of experience in the jewelry and gift industry. After an initial review, the bank referred her to SBAC, who after realizing that her request was reasonable, referred her to SBDC for consulting and assistance with writing a business plan. Many people would have disappeared from the mix of referrals, but not Jennifer Hallsey. She worked diligently with Lynn Vos at SBDC for eight weeks and returned to SBAC with a well organized business plan and the desire to make her business a reality. SBAC prepared her package for loan committee review and she was approved. Jennifer is a prime example of how the entire community can bring a young, energetic and intelligent entrepreneur into existence.

Jennifer is a local jewelry maker from Ohio who started Lee Ohio Designs. Lee Ohio Designs is a wholesale distributor of fine handmade paper gifts and jewelry that is dedicated to meeting the needs of sophisticated and selective, often persnickety individuals. Lee Ohio Designs markets to high-end clothing and gift boutiques. She also customizes jewelry for bridal parties, babies and other special purposes.

Jennifer develops and designs all of Lee Ohio Designs products. She orders raw stock and inventory from a variety of sources which allows her to get the best rates. She can in turn effectively market and sell at a lower wholesale price.

Her necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made from the highest quality of Czech and Chinese glass, Austrian Swarovski crystal and semi-precious gemstones. Her pieces can elevate a casual outfit into a stylishly professional look.

She also offers custom note cards such as wedding invitations, birth announcements and thank you cards. Jennifer has the advantage over many of the big companies that produce in large quantities. Her note cards are collages of vintage paraphernalia such as postcards, wallpapers, advertisements and postage stamps. She creatively converts these commonly used items into eloquently unique cards that give her clients that special feeling of exclusiveness instead of mass production – which we find in stores.

Lee Ohio Designs can be purchased at ShopSCAD in Savannah, Gallery by the Sea on Tybee Island, and at Victoria Susan’s in Camden, South Carolina.