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Islands Travel
Stacey Horner
400 G Johnny Mercer Blvd.
Savannah, GA 31410
Stacey Horner had spent 12 years in the travel industry and was currently working at an agency on Wilmington Island. When the opportunity to purchase the agency was presented to Stacey by the owner, Stacey jumped at the opportunity presented to her.

Ms. Horner contacted the Service Corp. of Retired Executives and began work on her business plan. During the development of the business plan the tragic events of September 11th clouded the issue and raised concerns about the survival of the travel industry in the immediate future. The SCORE counselor had faith in the industry rebound and in Ms. Horner and guided Stacey as she completed her plan. SCORE then introduced her to Small Business Assistance Corporation for possible funding.

Using the SBA Micro Loan program the SBAC was able to secure the funding and allow Stacey to purchase her own business.