House of Hawk, LLC


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We are all familiar with the white trucks carrying the purple and green logo for “FedEx Ground.” Most of these trucks are owned by individuals who are contractors for FedEx to deliver packages to residents and businesses. FedEx Ground is a division of FedEx Corporation with over 70,000 employees and independent contractors. Mr. Paul J. Hawkes Jr, managing member of House of Hawks, LLC recently became one of the independent contractors for this company that delivers a daily average of more than 3.5 million packages.

Mr. Hawkes recently approached SBAC for funding to purchase a truck and route from a previous owner. He was the ideal candidate for this acquisition being that he has driven this truck and route for the past three years as an employee for James Trucking. Mr. Davis, the owner of James Trucking decided that after 12 of operating this truck/route package that he would sell it. The only thing standing between Mr. Hawkes and the ownership of this package was the funding needed to transfer it from Mr. Davis to himself (Mr. Hawkes). December 2007, SBAC approved Mr. Hawkes request and the rest is history. He is driving as before, except now he is driving this long haul route for himself and not Mr. Davis. This must be a great feeling for Mr. Hawkes, a self-employed independent contractor for FedEx Ground. He will continue to drive from the Pooler terminal to the Charlotte, N.C. hub five days per week.

Paul, a retired veteran who drove trucks for the military for 12 years will reap several benefits from FedEx that other truckers and start up businesses will not have.

Mr. Hawkes will receive a maintenance allowance that can be used to offset the increased gas prices that hinder other drivers from maintaining in a negative economy. As a start-up business owner, he does not have to find customers to keep him in business. FedEx has established the route for him which leaves him to being responsible for making the five daily trips from Savannah to Charlotte every day.

The other member of this business entity is Mr. Hawkes’ wife, Ms. Ollette Hawkes who will manage the administrative side of the business.