Gallery Espresso



Ms. Julianne Davis managed Gallery Espresso since 1994 and purchased the business in October, 1996. Located at 6 East Liberty, directly across from the Desoto Hilton, the basement coffee shop had become a landmark for local businessmen, downtown residents and SCAD students. Gallery Espresso is the oldest coffeehouse in the Historic District and has been repeatedly voted “Best Coffeehouse” in Connect Savannah.

An opportunity was presented to Ms. Davis that she could not pass up. She was given the chance to move her business to a larger space just around the corner at 234 Bull St., the corner space on Bull and Perry Streets looking out to Chippewa Square. She was hesitant in changing what she felt was a trademark, the cozy basement feeling space with a fireplace but felt she could incorporate much of the Galley Espresso identity in a new location. The ground level location would increase visibility dramatically and Ms. Davis would have windows that open to allow an “open air” feel with tables located inside and outside on the sidewalk. The glass façade will also be a bright space during the evening hours.

She approached SBAC, who had helped her buy Galley Espresso in 1996 and asked for help in making this new dream come true. SBAC put together a low doc package and shopped it to several banks. Bank of the South agreed to fund the request using an SBA Low Doc loan. Gallery Espresso is now open and has, as a reporter wrote, “the best view of any restaurant in Savannah.”

Current products are coffee and teas, prepared specialty drinks, light fare breakfast foods and locally prepared desserts. Limited amount of whole coffee beans and imported teas by the tin are also available. Gift ensembles of related tea and coffee items are available. Wireless connection to the internet is available throughout the shop.