From Pastry Chef to Micro Entrepreneur of the Year

Adam Turoni

Adam Turoni

“It all started in my grandmother’s kitchen…”

Adam Turoni recalls fond memories of watching his grandmother in the kitchen when he was just a kid in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was mesmerized by the scents and flavors and combinations that became masterpieces. Although he neither of them knew it at the time, Adam’s passion for food would go far beyond that of necessity. His passion would take time to new places; reserved for innovators and risk takers. His passion would take him from Head Pastry Chef (as a senior in high school) to Master Chocolatier and successful entrepreneur.

Adam now cooks in his own kitchen; a commercial kitchen in Downtown Savannah, where he creates perfection in the form of chocolate. Adam opened his own business and quickly received attention from local and national media outlets.

Adam & SBAC

In 2013, Adam received a loan from SBAC to buy a chocolate tempering machine which kept the chocolate at a liquid state for long periods of time, increasing the chocolate that could be produced.  This was needed as the business began to grow rapidly as the retail, catering, and the internet sales began to increase.

It was only a year later that Adam received an opportunity to purchase his retail location and he approached SBAC again.  Leaping at the opportunity to help, SBAC approached Adam’s bank, First Chatham Bank, with an opportunity to partner on the project that funded the loan for Adam to purchase his space.

SBAC was pleased to present Adam Turoni of Chocolat by Adam with SBAC’s award for Micro Entrepreneur of the Year 2014.