Discount Furniture Warehouse


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Fourteen years ago, M.J. Hennesy decided the time had come for her to own and operate her own business in the jewel of the Lowcountry of South Carolina. As a single mother trying to make her way in the world, both for herself and her children, M.J. wanted a business that she could operate and eventually bring her family into. M.J. found an established furniture store located mid-island on Hilton Head Island, and took the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Discount Furniture Warehouse, already successful, began to flourish under M.J.’s guidance. The business continued to grow and become an established supplier of quality furniture for both homeowners and second homeowners (condos and villas, and the like). In addition to furniture and mattresses, Discount Furniture Warehouse also sells draperies and carpet and everything in between.

M.J. has grown the business so well, that when her lease was set to expire at the end of 2002, she decided it was time to find a facility with a larger showroom that she could own and provide stability to the business operation. That building happened to be located right next door to her current facility. M.J. approached Lowcountry National Bank with a request for funding the acquisition of the building. Lowcountry National Bank referred M.J. to SBAC to obtain an SBA 504 loan for the purchase of the property.

The SBA approved M.J.’s request and the bank was able to fund the loan for the business to acquire its new building. M.J. enlisted the help of friends and family to move the inventory across the driveway and was ready to start the New Year – 2003 – in her new building. The new building has a much larger showroom where mattresses and furniture suites are on display and can comfortably be “tested” by customers.

Since MJ opened her facility on island she has discovered that business off island has grown significantly more than she had anticipated. MJ decided to open a second location off island. In doing so she has found it was not easy to locate a piece of property that would meet her needs

If you find yourself needing new mattresses, bedding, living room or dining room suites, or, for that matter, carpets, draperies and such, stop by and talk to M.J. You’ll appreciate her insight and interior decorating acumen that she has developed over the past 14 years of business ownership.