Angel’s Child Care and Enrichment Center

Sandra McLain-O’Neal
409 East 39th Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 234-8363

Sandra McLain opened Angel’s Child Care in her home over eight years ago “on a wing and a prayer” and three children. Since that auspicious beginning in 1994, Sandra has upgraded her facility to meet building codes to allow here to increase her enrollment. At the beginning of 2002, Angel’s Child Care had a full enrollment of 18 students, before and after school programs for older children and a long waiting list for infants and toddlers. It was time to expand the business and locate another facility.

With the help of the local Small Business Development Center, Sandra prepared a business plan for the new facility to make sure that the expansion was truly the best option for her business. Once that was completed, Sandra located the property she wanted to purchase for this expansion. Sandra found real estate in the heart of the City of Savannah that is easily accessible to downtown Savannah as well as the medical arts center of the city — the two busiest locations as far as employment is concerned. Sandra decided that she could offer an unique service to the medical arts area — flexible hours for people in the medical profession. The new facility will handle the overflow from the existing center as well as provide a referral outlet for parents interested in Angel’s Child Care.

Sandra completed the expansion plan process and approached SunTrust Bank for financing on the request. SunTrust put Sandra in touch with SBAC to package the SBA 7(a) loan request. The SBA approved the loan and Sandra was on here way to expanding an already successful business.

Angel’s Child Care now offers two facilities — the original one in Sandra’s home and the new one on 39th Street. Both centers provide top notch child care in loving environments. And, you can find Sandra moving between to the two facilities checking on her “children” on a regular basis.

Stop by Angel’s Child Care and Enrichment Center on 39th any time you want to play around with some happy energetic kids!