Advertising Specialties



Diana Morrison has worked her business selling advertising promotional items for 17 years, most recently from a small office on Montgomery Crossroads. The opportunity came to purchase a site on Montgomery Crossroads not far from her original location and she quickly purchased the land and began construction on a building built to her specifications. Unanticipated costs quickly depleted her contingency funds and Diana asked Ron Weller of BB&T if he could help.

Mr. Weller approached Small Business Assistance Corporation to see what could be crafted together. Staff at the SBAC decided that the request was ideal for a Small Business Capital Fund loan which is underwritten by SBAC. The Capital Fund is funded by a group of local banks that have formed a pool of funds that can be tapped when needed by the member bank. The bank bringing the loan request to the Fund must loan fifty percent of the request and the Capital Fund supplies the rest.

In this case the SBAC was also providing a CDBG guaranty to the loan from BB&T to Advertising Specialties. The loan request was presented to both the Small Business Assistance Corporation loan committee and the Capital Fund loan committee and both readily agreed that the project would take Mrs. Morrison and her business to the next level. The additional funds allowed the project to be completed and Advertising Specialties is now open at 402 E. Montgomery Crossroads.