2014 Michael Bunn, Sr., Memorial Rising Star Award

Savannah Global Solutions

Mark and Trudy Sauer of Savannah Global Solutions

The Michael Bunn, Sr. Memorial Rising Star Award has been given every year since its inception to a business that has shown to be a “Rising Star” in its community.

Mark and Trudy Sauer came to Savannah in the late 90’s with an interest in owning a small business. As they searched for a company that would be the right fit, Mark joined a Savannah company owned by an Australian manufacturer, who manufactured and sold equipment used in commercial forestry. Years later, the two run a successful local manufacturing company with international clients and a growing labor pool.

Savannah Global Solutions, LLC markets and manufactures mechanical and chemical site preparation equipment used to forest and reforest commercial timber plantations, prepares sites for bio-fuel crops such as sugar cane and converts native land and cut-over timberland back to crop land. The use of this highly sophisticated soil preparation equipment results in better survival and growth of trees and crops in very rugged soil conditions.

Savannah Global Solutions is known for its ability to bridge strong products and manufacturing with the biological needs of forestry and bio-crops.  Savannah Global Solutions supports sustainable environmental conscience developments in Forestry, Bio-fuel Crops/ Energy, Agriculture, Constructions and Recycle Markets worldwide.

Savannah Global Solutions secured a loan to provide permanent financing for the purchase and improvement to an existing commercial building. SBAC Partnered with Gabe Thomas of SunTrust Bank for a total project of $1.7 Million dollars.

Mark and Trudy Sauer give the term “family owned business” a whole new meaning. The husband and wife “dream team” handle all the management of the local company with an international reach. Mark, the chief operator with over 25 years of experience in the engineering field, is responsible for sales, marketing, overseeing manufacturing and new product development. Trudy, the business manager, supervises accounting and HR and assists in marketing and business development. She has over 28 years of management and administrative experience.

Savannah Global Solutions is an innovator in the field of manufacturing and engineering. The company continues to make a positive impact on the local, national and international economy.  Along with the award being presented here today, Savannah Global Solutions has been selected as 2014 Exporter of the year by the Georgia Small Business Administration.