#1 Priority Learning Academy

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Most people breathe a sigh of relief when their children finally grow up and leave home. And they don’t dare care for any other children. Not so for Ms. Angela Williams, a mother of three, ages 2, 5 and 11. She desired to own a child care center since graduating from high school and in 2006 she became the proud owner of #1 Priority Learning Academy currently located on Liberty Parkway.

This venture started in January 2006, when Ms. Williams opened her business on Palm Avenue in a garage apartment. She was limited to six children but realized the growth potential in providing childcare. To expand her business, she and her fiancé enrolled in the Individual Development Account Program administered by EOA. While in the program, she relocated her business to 4412 Liberty Parkway in West Savannah. Upon completion of the IDA Program, she received a total of $10,000 to upgrade her new location into a group childcare where she is licensed to keep up to 18 children.

Angela offers extensive hours – from 6:30am to 7:00pm. From a standard curriculum, the children learn necessary skills needed to advance once they enroll in public school.

Though quiet, this young lady has not reached the pinnacle of her desires. Her next goal is to add a second shift to her operation. This will give her an additional 18 children to keep during the evening and night hours. Ultimately, she plans to open a non-profit community youth center.

Ms. Williams came to SBAC in December 2007 for additional funding. After utilizing her IDA funds, SBAC loaned her money she needed to complete her leasehold improvement which resulted in her increasing her enrollment from 6 to 18 children. In addition to herself, Angela has one full and one part-time employee who care for the children, whose ages range from 6 weeks to 5 years old.