What Can a $2500 Low Interest Loan Do for Your Business?

Kato Floral DesignsOwner of Kato Floral Designs, Maria Kato, knows first hand just how invaluable a loan of this type can be. In fact, it quote literally made it possible for her to “jump to the next economic phase, increase productivity, and move more quickly to to better serve her client’s interests in an ever competitive market place.”

Maria realized that she had a talent that she believed she could turn into a small business. After moving to Savannah from the Cayman Islands in 2008, and several unsuccessful attempts to find a job, she armed herself with business cards, tenacity, creativity, and determination, and set out to create her own job as owner of Kato Floral Designs.

Kato Floral Designs is a full-service floral design business that specializes in wedding arrangements with personalized appeal. Ms. Kato offers unique services that people look for when selecting a professional florist: originality, quality, professionalism, and punctuality. She is hard working and passionate about flowers and how they can bring joy to any occasion. Because Maria puts so much of herself into her arrangements, it is not surprising that most of her business comes from word of mouth advertising.

She has arranged floral displays for events at The Mansion on Forsyth, Vic’s on the River, Tybee Wedding Chapel, the Westin, and the Marriott just to name a few. Her work was also included in the Fall 2012 Savannah Wedding Magazine.

This is a wonderful success story that started with a little bit of help from the Small Business Assistance Corporation. We know that a loan like this can help your business get the extra push that it needs to be up and running and successful in no time. If you want more information on how you can obtain this kind of assistance, please contact Debra Simmons at 912.232.4700 or by email at dsimmons@sbacsav.com.

Credit for Maria’s photo is given to Elizabeth Osterberger – Lizardeye Photo