TAG Savannah Presents Kevin Lawver, President of Rails Machine

TAG Savannah TalkThe Technology Association of Georgia in Savannah and Georgia Southern University will be hosting a talk with President of Rails Machine Kevin Lawver on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the Georgia Southern University CEIT Building.

Kevin worked at AOL for 13 years where he built custom web applications using all types of new technologies. Before coming to Rails Machine, he spent time as the CTO at Music Intelligence Solutions using sophisticated database systems like Rails, Sinatra, MySQL, MongoDB, and other proprietary technology to build great apps. His current role at Rails Machine is to help consumers scale their apps.

Rails Machine is a full-service web operations company with a small team of experienced, dedicated, and focused people who have a genuine interest in technology and enjoy working with and giving back to the Ruby on Rails community. They founded Rails Machine in the heart of Savannah, GA in 2006 to create the ultimate hosting environment for Rails applications.

So what’s it like to work on the web today and how can you build a career using it? Join Kevin as he speaks frankly about working on web projects at large companies, small businesses, open source, and where he sees the industry heading for the future.

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