SBAC Client Takes a “Creative Approach” to Doing Business

The Creative ApproachManagers of Creative Approach, Travis Sawyer and Cale Hall, could have never imagined the success that they currently enjoy offering high quality digital printing that is “fast, efficient, and convenient” less than 10 years after opening their doors. However that is exactly what has happened for these young, savvy, and up-and-coming business owners.

Starting their business with very little funding was quite unnerving for the pair, but the good thing was that they knew exactly what they wanted their company to be. With some collaboration from the Small Business Assistance Corporation and a little financial backing from an EDA loan, the two gentleman were on the fast track to success. They have catered to some of Savannah’s most prominent local businesses and professionals, including the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) which accounts for much of their clientele. However business wasn’t always so good at Creative Approach.

Shortly after opening their doors in 2005, and believing that they were finally hitting their stride, SCAD let out for their summer vacation. Normally this would have lead to some financial woes, but the pair was quite resilient to say the least. They began selling coffee and other food items to fill in the gaps during the unexpected lull, and by the time Fall rolled around again, they were back on their feet with more business than they could handle. They even had to begin processing same-day print jobs because they simply had no room to store all the print jobs!

It was in 2008 when savvy businessman and financial expert Mark Fountain, Cale Hall’s business partner in other downtown Savannah businesses, entered the picture and quickly realized the potential for Creative Approach. “It’s been a solid business from the beginning,” Fountain said. “But it was under-funded.” Fortunately for SCAD and Savannah, Hall and Sawyer have a “do not quit” attitude and are currently thriving in their location near the corner of Taylor Street and MLK Boulevard with its bright open spaces incorporating an abundance of computers, state-of-the-art printing equipment, and clients coming and going at all hours.

The Creative Approach has become exactly what the two owners had intended it to be all along.