SBAC Client and Bariatric Life Coach Living a Happy, Healthy Life

Anisa Grantham - Living a Happy, Healthy LifeOne of the SBAC’s clients, Anisa Grantham of Rincon Recovery Resources, LLC, is making quite a name for herself in southeast Georgia. With 19 years in substance abuse and mental health services, she is a Georgia Certified Addiction Counselor who holds a National Certification in Addictions. As a result of her own life experiences, Anisa specializes in substance abuse and food addiction. She herself is a weight loss surgery (WLS) patient and is committed to providing quality education/counseling services to others in the community. She holds such titles as Bariatric Support Group Leader, Success Habits Trainer, Back on Track Trainer, and Bariatric Life Coach; all of which aim to help those struggling with obesity to become happy and healthy individuals.

Effingham Magazine featured Anisa last month in an article called Living a Happy, Healthy Life which describes the struggle that she faced with obesity at a young age and the life events that  led her down a path of over-eating and eventual weight gain. She grew up in an Italian family where cooking and eating food was love. Her weight gain was quickly getting our of control, and after her parents’ divorce and an addiction to alcohol, Anisa’s mother saw that there was a need for a lifestyle change for her young daughter.

In her own words regarding her food addiction, Anisa states, “I describe it as a relationship with food. Food was always there in my life, through the good times, the difficult times. Food never wanted or expected anything from me. It was just there. When people in my life let me down, disappointed me, betrayed my trust or even made me happy and celebrated with me, I could always rely on food to pull me through, to make things better, if even for a little while.” Thankfully, she was able to kick her drinking habit after a friend of her father introduced her to a 12-step program. However she was still struggling with her addiction to food, her weight climbing to 317 pounds.

It wasn’t until she had gastric bypass surgery in 2002 that Anisa truly began to shed the pounds. She maintained her weight loss over the next seven years when she met the founders of Bariatric Support Centers International in January of 2009. “They introduced me to The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients. This curriculum was so basic it disturbed me. I wondered why, as a patient, I did not have this information. I attended their workshop and my life has never been the same.” She has lived by this doctrine ever since and hopes to be able to pass on the invaluable lessons that she has learned to others who are in desperate need of guidance. Anisa adds, “I did not have surgery to be thin. I had surgery to become healthy. I wanted a happy life.” She quotes, “Faith without works is dead. This is the life that I wanted. I am living the life that I prayed for. I choose to live my life on purpose and with purpose, and with my God all things are possible.”

Here at the SBAC, we couldn’t be more proud of Anisa and wish her the best of luck with pursuing her dreams and reaching her goals. Rincon Recovery Resources, LLC received an SBA MicroLoan from the SBAC to help fund their business. A MicroLoan can be used for things like working capital, purchase of inventory, supplies, furniture/fixtures, raw materials, and machinery/equipment for your business. Often times, a loan like this can be just what a business needs to get going. So contact us today if we can help you in your journey to start your small business!

Source: Julie Hales of Effingham Magazine, photo by Susan Deloach