Pinterest Gaining Popularity Among Business Users

Pinterest for BusinessIn the business world, Pinterest has been largely ignored as a competitor in the social media space. It seems that companies have no idea how to use Pinterest to their advantage when social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer all of the tools they’ll ever need. The truth is, it’s a good idea to have a presence on every social media platform that makes sense for your business. And since social media sites are given priority when it comes to web based search engines, like Google or Bing, the chances of a potential customer finding your business while conducting an online search are exponentially higher if your company is registered with several social media sites.

Pinterest has been developing a plan for attracting more businesses to their social network. With new tools specifically designed to increase engagement with content, business owners can now analyze their presence on the Pinterest network. The company has even unveiled a separate site for business owners, providing a certain exclusivity for businesses that was not previously available.

Pinterest remains the fourth most popular social network on the web today and with a recent $200 million in additional funding, is moving forward with a new interface design and their shift to give businesses more analytical tools. They’ve known that businesses have been largely contributing to their site and want to be sure that they are nurturing the relationships that they have built with said companies. Having said this, the question still remains, how exactly does a social media platform that relies almost exclusively on posting pictures help your business?

This really calls for some creativity. Take for example, the Whole Foods corporation. Whole Foods has one of the most active Pinterest profiles to date with more than 100,000 followers and 1,700 “pins.” This is because they have taken something that seems rather mundane, and turned it into cyber art. From favorite books to cookie recipes, their topic boards display images to which multitudes of people can relate. Want to know how to grow an herb garden? How about information on what foods to eat to increase your strength and boost your metabolism? These are just a couple of ways that Whole Foods is appealing to the masses in fun and engaging ways. However it’s not only large corporations that are finding ways to utilize Pinterest, but small businesses as well. An online search for health care displays the Pinterest profile of Residential Treatment Center. With boards ranging from fitness to anxiety, several topics get covered all in one convenient place.

Pinterest will only continue to grow and are inviting businesses to grow with them as they provide more options to track engagement and show businesses greater impact through pinning their own content. With the new user interface and integrated analytics, Pinterest is clearly becoming a more attractive option for businesses every day.

Source: Lana Bandoim for