5 Reasons Google Plus Should Be Part of Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Google+Let’s call a spade a spade. For small businesses, the importance of “getting the word out” can not be emphasized enough. Luckily, in an age of ever-expanding technology, there are more tools at business owner’s disposal than ever before. Social media has become the best tool, and a one stop shop for online notoriety. It is responsible for getting more businesses known than any printed medium ever has, and for now, ever will.

Google has connected the world in a unique way. In fact, it is the top online search engine on the planet and is responsible for the coined phrase, “Just Google it.” The phrase has become so popular, that it is universally understood as the mainstream method for searching for answers to any and all questions. As a small business owner, why would you not want to be a part of that? Entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity of being part of the Google community at no cost, by simply joining Google’s social media platform, Google Plus. Here are five reasons to join Google’s network:

Real-Time Topical Search Streams

When your industry-related terms are searched on the Google+ platform, the results will be far more accurate than those on Facebook. This accuracy will allow users to more effectively engage in meaningful industry-related conversations with other interested parties who may cover topics that are important to your company. What’s even better is that the network allows users to share directly from Google search results, to a topical Google+ stream.

Higher Search Engine Visibility

Any content that is published to Google+ is indexed and ranked by its search engine. Much like ‘Liking’ or ‘Sharing’ a photo or comment on Facebook, users can +1 content that they see on your Google+ profile. This type of sharing function has broader search engine optimization influence than shares on other networks. Every time users +1 content on your profile, it can cause a ripple effect that can effectively increase brand awareness and social influence.

Leverage Your AdWords Campaign

As a business, you have the opportunity to boost your Google Quality Score, or, the way Google estimates how relevant ads, keywords, and landing pages are to a person that sees your ad. Accomplish this by linking your Google+ URL to your AdWords account. This way, when users +1 your company’s ads, they are endorsing you. In turn, Google’s search engine is more likely to highlight your company ads in higher positions than those of your competitors, which additionally raises your company’s “social awareness” and increases its relevance in search queries.

Hangouts and Collaboration

Google+ Hangouts allow you and nine others to gather together to chat online via free video calling; a service that other social platforms like Skype charge for. This feature might be used for engaging your predetermined top influencers, allowing them to participate in your latest product or service before its release. Hangouts allow you to facilitate meetings with clients, network with experts, or simply create a virtual co-working space.

Authorship and Google Local

Google uses author information associated with their Google+ profiles in search results, meaning content produced by writers with personal Google+ profiles linking website/blog content to their profiles will be more widely visible. In addition to this search results with the author’s photo displayed are more eye-catching to users and have more likeability to be clicked on.

Google Local does exactly what the name suggest; it helps your business show up in local search results. This is particularly important for smaller businesses who’s client base could potentially be made up of 75% or more local business. Google Local helps these potential local clients to find your location based on their local search results.


Source: Karishma Srivastava for business2community.com