Savannah Regional Small Business Capital Fund

This fund is capitalized by four area banks: BB&T, Bank of America, SunTrust Bank and Wells Fargo Bank to promote economic growth in the Savannah region. This is done by enabling local banks to make equity and special debt investments for small business development. However these investments are not regular bank loans. The Capital Fund seeks to undertake community development activities such as job creation through business modernization, diversification of the economy, neighborhood commercial revitalization, and special projects with a significant community development impact. The SBAC provides loan packaging and servicing for this fund.


  • Small and minority business projects
  • Loan or investment requests that can not obtain funding from other reasonable sources.


The request must come through a local area financial institution or the SBAC, and a sponsoring financial institution must be willing to loan 50% of the request.


  • 50% of the total capitalization of request or $100,000; whichever is less.


  1. Rate: Negotiated, but will reflect the risk associated with the transaction
  2. Term: Typically less than seven (7) years
  3. Form of Capital: Debt, equity, or a combination of the two
  4. Management: Management should be experienced and have a comprehensive business plan
  5. Collateral: Case by case evaluation
  6. Credit History: Principals must display an ability to manage obligations in a credit worthy manner


Business packaging assistance is available from the Small Business Assistance Corporation (SBAC) for pre-qualified requests.


  • There is 1.5% origination fee on the loan or investment amount.
  • There is also a 0.5% monthly service fee on the outstanding balance for the life of the financing.


All information is subject to change without notice.